Sunday, October 30, 2005

Am I a Trial Balloon?

So I'm being bounced around on the Sunday Morning Talk Shows (as soon as they finish talking about G. Gordon Libby's old Flame, or something like that). This gives me great joy, as I would like nothing more to reach the court honorably, fairly, and with my dignity intact.

Unfortunately, more reliable sources describe me like this:I am just being thrown out there, apparently, to throw attention off the real nominee. If not my archnemesis J. Michael Luttig, then the Horsewoman of the Apocylpse, Edie Jones.

Frankly, I'm fine with it. I like balloons. Who among us has not, at some point or another, been someone else's balloon. And while clerks across the country may not believe it, even when I was a kid we all watched this tearjerker.

So that was a very quick visit to the spotlight.

I'm not expecting anything. But I haven't turned my cellphone to silent just yet.


Anonymous said...

Somehow I think its more than a trial balloon........


SamuelAlito said...

Thank you MRS.

You are my most consistent commentor. It's almost like I'm on the court already and you are Jeffrey Toobin, or Grete Van Sustren.

Thanks for paying attention to me. If I end up on the court, and you get hauled before it, don't think I won't remember it.

Anonymous said...

Well your honorableness! I don't think my life and its various transactions pose federal issues, so its unlikely!

As for JT and GVS...give me a break already! Maybe LG or AD--now there is some legal talent!

I am surprised that this blawg hasn't attained the popularity it richly deserves! Harriet Meier's site has posts by the dozens!!

My pathetic attempt to jumpstart this site has evidently failed.


But lets see what Monday brings!! WIll it be Sam, will it be Janice, Michael, Edith, Emilio, or even the fair-minded Luttig!

I'm rooting for SAA! The people's Justice.

SamuelAlito said...

You sure love your acronyms, don't you?

your acronyms are AOK with me, though.

Just because you're ahead of the curve doesn't mean people haven't been here. I'm honored to say that hundreds of people have come to take a look, and that's honor enough for me.

After all, before she was even nominated, harriet's blog was a pretty barren place. I should know.

Jerry Phillips said...

Dear Honorable Samuel A. Alito, Jr,

I am very concerned about the Supreme Court moving too far to the right. I consider myself pretty liberal, however, I really think the Supreme Court should be extremely moderate. We are a very diverse nation and in my opinion no single side represents the sole truth. The nation as a whole is being divided along arbitrary lines such as liberal vs. conservative, theist vs. atheist, Prolife vs. Prochoice etc. I think America is being deceived by people who divide it in order to profit from its anger. There appears to be no real leaders who are able to unify us as a nation. It is easier to create and stir emotional cauldrons and raise large amounts of cash as the result. If you are indeed selected as the next Justice of the Supreme Court, I beg of you to to focus on those issues that reflect the values of both the powerful and the powerless. Once you are in the position of a Supreme Court Justice you can relax and represent all the people and not any particular side. Good luck!
Liberally yours,
Jerry Phillips

Anonymous said...

Well, congratulations are in order for Judge Sam!

Apparently nice guys do finish first on occasion.

I predict a Roberts-esque vote for SAA in the Senate: "no's" in the low 20's.

JRB would have provoked an all-in, all-out war!

But her day will surely come. :-)

Another splendid choice from GW!

Portland, OR