Monday, October 31, 2005

A Song About Me

The delightful Southern Appeal (she does not reveal her name, but I'd like to call her "Zayde") has posted the following song about me (sung to Leonard Bernstein's "Maria" from "West Side Story.")

GEORGE (spoken) Alito . . .
(sings) The most beautiful sound I ever heard:
Alito, Alito, Alito, Alito . . .
All the beautiful sounds of the world in a single word
. . Alito, Alito, Alito, Alito . . .

Alito!I've just met a judge named Alito,
And suddenly that name
Will never be the same
To me.

Alito! I've just nominated a judge name Alito,
And suddenly I've found
How wonderful a sound
Can be!

Alito! Say it loud and there's music playing,
Say it soft and it's almost like praying.
Alito, I'll never stop saying Alito!
The most beautiful sound I ever heard.


I'm really quite flattered. However, I'm more a Rogers and Hammerstein sort of judge.

And therefore, my favorite Maria song is the one from The Sound of Music.

So those of you who would like to compose a song about my nomination based on THAT "Maria," please send it to me at -- the winning pro-Alito and anti-Alito songs will both go on the site. Deadline is Wednesday at Midnight.


ollie said...

Hey, the Honorable Mr. Alito, I've got a "call you're senator" spot for you, with the help of my buddy Harriet:

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

How do you solve a problem with Alito?
How do you take a flub and turn it round?
What do you do when the gal before Alito
Was a lightweight church lady,
unqualified crony,
a clown?

SamuelAlito said...


That is a great start! I'm not sure even if it is Pro- or Anti- me, but it is terrific. If it holds up, I'll be sure to post it in the blog.

Are you secretly a member of the capitol steps or something?

Rarebit said...


See, you're not selling me on how cool and Honorable you are when you reference "The Sound of Music" on your blog.

Also that whole ruling in favor of a strip search of a woman and a ten-year-old girl when they weren't included in the search warrant in Doe v. Groody was not cool.

So, all I have to say is, Support Harriet Miers' shadow nomination!

Unless you can convince me otherwise, Sammy....Challenge!

Rosemary said...

Hey rarebit, I happen to love the Sound of Music! Back off, bucco.

Dear Justice Alito,
Is this really you? If it is, I will add you to my sidebar, and I will let all of my readers and friends know about your site. First, you must prove this is you.

I have written about you already. I never imagined you would a site. This is so cool!

Of course you can be your own man. The only reason you are being compared to Justice Scalia is because President Bush promised a justice in that philisophical mold.

If you had been on the bench in the SCOTUS, we would be saying we want someone like Alito. Please don't feel badly. It is a compliment. :)

AuH2ORepublican said...

Hey, Rosemary, I know how Judge Alito can prove that it's really him: He can recite the pun that now-Judge Guido Calebresi would tell in his Torts class at Yale Law School when he discussed the 18th-Century English case of Scott v. Shephard (he's told the same pun for the past 40 years). If he can't recite it, he never attended Yale Law School and thus is not Samuel Alito.

(An alternate question to ask him is the name of all of Nino Scalia's children and grandchildren.)

ollie said...

"When Boxer bites, when Kerry stings, when I am feeling sad,

I merely remember my oil profits, and then I don't feel, sooo, bad!!!"

Anonymous said...

Alito Shuffle

Alito missed the news that day he left the shack
But Harriet won't be missed and now Sam's comin' back
A beltway bar in a limo car, he made a stop
Just long enough to grab a black robe off the top
Next stop Washington, Alito put the gavel down and
Let it roll
He said one more blog ought to get it
One last shot 'fore we quit it
One more for the road

Alito, whoa-oh-oh-oh
He's for the Court
He's for the show
Alito waitin' for the go
Alito whoa-oh-oh-oh
He said one more blog ought to get it
One last shot 'fore we quit it
One more for the road

Alito be runnin', havin' great big fun, 'til he got the note
Sayin' toe the line or blow it, and that was all Miers wrote
He be makin' like a beeline, headin' for the beltway
Goin' for broke

Sayin' one more blog ought to do it
Senate hearing ain't nothin to it
One more for the road

Alito, whoa-oh-oh-oh
He's for the Court
He's for the show
Alito's waitin' for the go
Alito whoa-oh-oh-oh
He said one more blog ought to do it
One last shot, yeah I knew it!
One more for the road