Saturday, October 29, 2005

what makes me run?

My friends will recognize the clever reference in the title.

My enemies will say something typically stupid, like, "You don't run for the Supreme Court."

But the truth of the matter is, I'm a pretty nice guy. Sure, reporters call me Scalito and all that, but I'm not some kind of demagogue. I have even been called charming. And I guess I'm sorry for the "Photoship" stuff with Mike. I was just kidding around.

Truth be told, I think it's appropriate posting about a bitter fable about how success turns a sweet kid into a loathable prick is appropriate, given rumors that I, in fact, won't be nominated to the Supreme Court Monday.

I suppose if it's Mike, it's Mike. I, at least, won't look back on my life and regret how I behaved.

"And he learned, as he learned that arsenic killed, that a friend in power is a friend lost."

-- Henry Adams, The Education


Anonymous said...

Your blog reads like it assumes a limited audience like an in-house newsletter. You are actually publishing, in writing, to a world wide audience including me in Perth, Western Australia.

It made me really laugh, but I'm a New Yorker (Columbia '64) and have seen just this sort of humor from 'handsome' young men like yourself all my life. Bottom line. You want Ted Kennedy taking you to task for what you say here?

That said, you sound like a great guy and I genuinely wish you well with your 'campaign'

Lorenz Gude
lgude at ureach dot com

just replace the 'at' @ and the 'dot' with .

In case you feel the need to confirm I am who I say I am

Anonymous said...

Your Right Honorableness! ;)

Having read through your blawg, I have to say that I do hope the President will offer you the job up at SCOTUS.

I am a silver-haired New Deal-esque liberal, and my personal library is graced with biographies on such past liberal Justices as Wiley Rutledge, Frank Murphy, Harlan Fiske Stone, and the more well-known luminaries of the Warren/Burger Court era.

So why do I hope you, a conservative, are "elevated" (as you come from a very different judicial lineage)?

Three words: humility, humanity, and humor.

You seem to have them and as I've aged I've come to trust those qualities more than any tick-list of ideological positions.

If you can bring your balance to your job at SCOTUS I see no reason to fret about how you wind up ruling on the issues of the day.

Cordial best wishes

Portland, Oregon

Anonymous said...

Lorenz Gude,

In response to your remark counseling the blog author about remarks here and Sen. Kennedy.

I don't really think Judge Sam is behind this blog.

Anymore than Judge Luttig is behind the Luttig's Lair one.

Both blogs seem to be the humorous creations of a third, unnamed, party...

And who, we wonder, would that likely be? :)


SamuelAlito said...

Dear MRS in Portland:

I have always thought it fascintating that there are two major Portlands in this country, and both, in fact, are ports, situated on the land. Portland Maine is very nice in the summer, but the Rose City is delightful year round, and despite the fact that they have a truly awful basketball team and always will, is a lovely place to live.

I thank you for your support. We gray-hairs (or in my case, next-to-no-hairs) need to stick together.


exguru said...

Well, Judge, you're hot today, all over Fox News Sunday.

You'd be fine in most ways, I think, but are probably unsound on the colorblind society. So is Bush and his AG Gonzalez... So was Miers... So was O'Conner. You probably agree with the dicta of O'Connor we ought to give it another 25 years. (Some call that the 38th Amendment).
So you may be chosen. You seem to fit the bill as consistently conservative, and Christian, with a nice family.

The fact you'd be the third or fourth Catholic is a good thing; to have "a woman's seat," "a Catholic seat," "a black seat," "a Jewish seat," "a Hispanic seat" and "an Asian seat" strikes me as the epitome of unamericanism.

So, bon voyage, my friend. I'd rather you were Janice Rogers Brown, but there's something wrong with everybody. Appointment of Judge Brown would raise the GOP black vote in 2008 from 11% to maybe 23%, especially after a good long fight for confirmation.

Anonymous said...


Not speaking for SAA, but on my own: JRB would make an excellent AJ and I share with you a high estimation of her abilities. I want to add to your observation though, that the political benefit to the GOP would not be the main reason she was chosen.

It does seem the case that GW has gravitated toward "safe" choices and who knows that the Kennebunkport moderation of his father is at work here.

Judge Alito would make an especially excellent choice and among such highly qualified people as the other short-listers, the differences in their past rulings and vitae are so insignificant that the final selection may very well hinge on such intangible things as how well the face-to-face went.

Portland, Oregon

SamuelAlito said...


I can assure you that the face-to-face went very well. Unfortunately I may have failed the required lips-to-ass portion of the interview. So I'm kicking back with a bottle of Medoc and the great double-header of Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.