Monday, October 31, 2005


So apparently no sooner was my name on George's Lips than two members of the nations most deliberate body settled on what they thought were appropriate Halloween costumes.

Chuck and Harry are both going all over the morning circuit trying to discredit me. Harriet told me this would happen, but I didn't realize it would be so quick.

In any case, I'm told by my daughter that I can stop them with Kryptonite, which apparently is a song by a band called Coldplay.


Anonymous said...

Actually, you can be Superman for Halloween.

Or, you should be Batman, and Schumer can be the Joker, Reid can be the Riddler, Kennedy can be the Penguin, and Boxer can be the Catwoman.

Stankleberry said...

Haha, Reid is such a homo.

Neddy said...
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Neddy said...

Good Luck, Judge, and I Love Your Blog! ~~Neddy Kerfuffles

Anonymous said...

So whose blog is this? Really?

If it's the bona fide (L. for good dog) judicial-type person, I award points for humor! It's a basic defining human characteristic IMO.

Speaking of which, stankleberry, homo means "A member of the genus Homo, which includes the extinct and extant species of humans." I.e. Harry Reid is a human.

ollie said...

Ohhh, Boxer as Catwoman? I'd love to see her in that catsuit that Michelle Phiffer wore. :-)

Scalia could be "the Penguin".

RightWingRocker said...

Actually, I think there may be a song by ColdPlay called "Kryptonite", I'm partial to the tune by the same title recorded by Three Doors Down.


PS - Give 'em hell!