Monday, October 31, 2005

Mutual Admiration Society

I feel like I'm up at the podium at the Oscars. I have so many people to thank.

Actually, not really, I only have one person to thank.

Article 3 Groupie, one of the greatest legal minds of her generation (at least those who are not members of the Elect), made a heartfelt plea on my behalf at the eleventh hour, when it looked like JM Luttig was going to take the nomination.

Article 3 Groupie's letter, I have it on good authority, was read by George Bush himself. He then told his son to pick me.

Thank you, A3G. While I have mentioned your site and its wisdom before, I realize that you now deserve special recognition.

Plus, you published the young and handsome picture of me. You flirt.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, A3G has much to answer for.

Portland, OR

Rosemary said...

She looks very sexy. Be careful! lol.