Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Three Ladies

So apparently there must be something to the rumors.

It's not just a two-horse race between me and Michael even.

Three "Lady" Justices have been told to get up and blogging. That's bad news for me.


Anonymous said...

JRB is the best of the lot! But you know, your honorableness, she really DOES think that LOCHNER was rightly decided not only at the time it came down but also now and that much of the jurisprudence since 1937 has been contaminated with the virus of socialism!

Such Kantean purity of vision and such reverence for the sanctity of Contract is rarely seen in these abandoned, post-McKinley days!

She is therefore, too advanced for these times, and our Senate unfortunately is filled with men and women who would vote for her for all the wrong reasons, don't you think?

What goes around, comes around, but JRB/Tiedeman'ism is still not yet revolved back into public favor or comprehension.

So keep on blawging-you still have great chances!

Portland, OR

SamuelAlito said...


Lochner v NY was, of course, 1905, so there is a lot of time before 1937, and JRB hasn't said that it should be overturned, per se.

My thoughts on Lochner are with OWH's much-touted dissent:

"General propositions do not decide concrete cases."

OWH is much a hero of the left, these days, but in his intro to "The Common Law," he states that it is the genius of the common law that it decides the case, not the principle, and that is what got JR through the senate.

Hopefully it will get me there too.

jurassicpork said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. And again, your honor, I say, Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Higingbotham said...

I usually ignore all the "talk" floating through the air. If I wanted to know something about someone, I will ask. Where were you hiding all weekend???

SamuelAlito said...


I heard from others what a great job you did helping them at Camp D. I wasn't there myself, though lots of people there have my cell phone number.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

you're toast. "w" is going to nominate his pool boy.

ollie said...

Ah, I had to suffer watching my beloved Harriet go down in flames.

so, if nominated, will you start you're "call you're senator" campaign early?

Wait; you are mini-Scalia, right?
That means that I am not smart enough to understand anything that you say. :-)

ron said...

Thanks for being real. And thanks for having fun giving us little people a chance to say hey. Good luck, I look forward to seeing this battle through.

M A F said...

Is humor an important trait of any future SC nominee? Because if it is I believe that 'Awesome' Alito is my choice.

Audient said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. Big announcement coming today, eh?

We'll be watching!

MB said...

You win!

ollie said...

We need to start a campagin now!

How about: "call your senator to support Sam; civil liberties are for traitors and wimps!"

Or: "Harriet says: Being a Supreme Court Justice is a MAN's job; back a real man in Sam Alito"

or something like that.

Rob Roschewsk said...

So why is the hyperlink for "SCOTUS's biggest blunder" linked to: Planned Parenthood v. Casey
505 U.S. 833 (1992)
Docket Number: 91-744

What part of the decision is the "blunder" part????

SamuelAlito said...


Their blunder, of course, was to disagree with me. My dissent on Casey when it was in the Third Circuit was one of my finest, and five activists got to take it away from me. I remember all of their names, even.


BIX said...

Maybe it is a clue?
Prolife support?