Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another Bunch of Hypocrites

So an activist law center has claimed that I "restrict Congress's power" and therefore am not supportive of people with disabilities. As a result, another pack of rabble rousers has joined the noisy ranks of people who are desperately trying to make anyone care about my nomination one way or the other.

Above, someone who cares.

I'm confused. Aren't the lefties the ones that want me to restrict Congress? Isn't Congress made up of Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, and the other alleged villains? It makes my head hurt.

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ollie said...

Sir, let me help you with your confusion. The "lefties" want you to restrict police powers (you know, make them get warrants, have probable cause, only shoot those who are an immediate danger to others, things like that).

Oh yeah, the lefties want you to worry about things like proportional congressional representation and things like that.

I wouldn't listen to those nay-sayers, although it does bother me just a bit that those who were so MEAN to our beloved Harriet seem to like you.