Friday, December 09, 2005

The Curse of Celebrity

Now that I'm a famous person, my wife says she needs to take up the latest ladies exercise fad, gyrotonic.

As an old-school traditionalist, I can't understand why carrying the groceries in from the car can't be enough exercise for that woman.

I think my daughter has put her up to it. According to her, "Pilates is totally passee."

So another chunk of my $2.12 million is going to have to be wasted on this. Makes me wish I'd given her permission to have that abortion.


ollie said...

Sir, don't worry. You still have some things going for you.

1) Your daughter might not know her place as yet, but at least she isn't a troublemaker like this young lass.
2)At least your wife is into something respectible. My wife has started taking park district yoga classes. Given my luck, her interest in yoga will lead to things like this. Or worse. Provided, of course, I don't put my foot down like any good Promise Keeper.
3) As far as any exercise plan, there is always hope. Your average American usually ends up like this.

bluewild said...

I've just got to have a gyrotonic machine! Where can I get one?

I had no idea Pilates was passe! What is Pilates?

ollie said...

What is pilates? Hmmm, I know that it is a type of exercise class; I know that there are women, spandex and sweat. What this has to do with a Roman prefect that washed his hands of the death of Jesus I'll never know.

bluewild said...

Pontius Pilates - for the anit-christian fitness enthusiast. Gets you in shape even if you don't believe.

Actually, I heard that dancers have been using Pilates for many many years. Well before it was known to fitness junkies -even before California knew about it.

That being said, I have to go check on my high carb pasta that I an cooking with a high fat sauce - olive oil and garlic!

Thomas said...

I can see the future headlines in Cosmo now - "Alito puts back the activism in judicial activism"

Half Sigma said...

I've seen pictures of your daughter, she's in great shape!