Thursday, December 08, 2005

But it IS my America

I understand if people don't like me, or mock my blog, or whatever, but leave it to the hard-core lefties to actually try to kick me out of the country.

These folks have gotten it into their head that "my" America is "Not Our America." So I guess they want me to leave. I am going to be big-hearted and let them know that I will let almost anyone live in "my" America, so long as they keep their wine glasses on coasters.

In any event, you can go check them out if you want to see middling animation that will convince plenty of undergraduates that I am the Devil Incarnate.


ollie said...

"Failed predecessor"??? Hey, our Harriet did not fail; WE failed her because we didn't get people to call they're senators!

We can't let that happen again.

Let's see: "Alito is All Right!" Or Police Power: ALL the way with Alito" or "Alito for America", "Alito is Awesome" or "A little Alito goes A Long Way" or "Alito because Seperation of Church and State is overratted"

SamuelAlito said...

Patience Ollie.

We can't do this kind of thing before the hearings are upon us.

Kierkegaard Lives said...

That was funny stuff. I'm not sure which is funnier, the canine delivery doctor or the injured worker with the bone sticking out of his shoulder after his "injury."

I have to post a link to this and share the fun.

Roger The Okcitykid said...

Your a bad one Mr. Alito

Veronica said...

See how it is when people hate you just because you have strong opinions? It's those crazy liberals - they're the most judgmental people alive.

Thanks for linking to me, by the way!