Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Walking in the Cold

Everyone please stop complaining thhat I have not been posting often enough. I have gone home for Christmas (not the holidays) and am spending time with my family, including my son, who even Wonkette thinks is hot.

I don't really care about secret wiretaps, or presidential speeches, or any of these so-called "scandals." But I really feel for the people of New York, having to walk to work, just like their mayor once did. Back when we had the real constitution in place (the one that's now in Exile), it was perrfectly legal to just line up the strikers and have them all shot.

I look forward to restoring that power to the state, so everyone can get to work on time and stay productive.


Rosemary said...

Here, here!

Half Sigma said...

While shooting the TWU guys sounds tempting, I'd settle for just throwing their asses in jail.

ollie said...

Hey, the best president we've ever had is catching flack for protecting us, and you don't care?

Why can't we have these traitors shot as well?

Sir, I think you've gone soft on us!

ollie said...

Uh, by "traitors", I mean those who are opposing the President, not those who *claim* to be sticking up for the Constitution.

Why just today, I got this in my e-mail box. Not only is it treasonous, but it is another good example of why you were wise to join that Princeton Concerned Alumni group.

bluewild said...

Where 2 or more are gathered...shoot 'em! I don't think Jesus would agree since he generally sided with the poor, but it is certainly consistent with his "supporters", the Christian Right to Whatever George Says.

ollie said...

Don't say that we didn't warn you. .