Friday, December 30, 2005

The War on New Years

So after all the hoopla over the War on Christmas, it is left to yours truly to take up arms against the secular heathanism associated with New Years. Have we forgotten that this is the 2,006th year after the birth of our savior? Have we forgotten that our twelve-month scheme is the "Christian Calendar"? But where are our Bill O'Reillies now? Where have you gone, oh Snowdens of Yesterday?


ollie said...

War on New Year's? Sir, it is worse than you think.

Heathens have been sending me things like this. In fact, many folks don't realize that New Year's is, in fact, a Holy Day of Obligation!

Pooh said...

Oh SAMMMMMMY! Check it!

ollie said...

Sir, but what about that horrible, anti-American leap second!
It sounds like a plan that was hatched at a place like Stanford.

Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

Stanford? Kal-i-fornia is the home of Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi - she devils!