Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wait 'Till Next Year

So I had to learn from Fitz that I'm not on the short list for the "Person" of the Year award.

Not that I mind. I won't start leaving my mark until February at the earliest.

But I've started a campaign -- just as we waited every winter in my youth for the Brooklyn Dodgers' next year, and how I must wait again now that my Phillies have lost Billy Wagner, I will bide my time.

And I will be ready.


Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...


May the best man win, ME!

ollie said...

Oh, now I am sold! That cover says it all!

Now it is time for us to get together a "call you're senator, Part II" program to get you confirmed!

Hey, when you get to the court, will ya put in a good word for me with the Big Guy, will ya?

One fly in the ointment though: the best president that we ever had is saying that maybe you aren't so conservative after all. Say it isn't so????

bluewild said...

So legalizing torture will turn us to God. That makes sense...after a few seconds the victims say "Oh God! Please stop!". Oh you kinky Evangeilbans.

ollie said...

Oh Bluewild, you are in dire need of a history lesson!!!!

Remember the good old days, back when people BELIEVED in GOD by the ONE TRUE FAITH??? Ok, ok, so there was no United States of America then. But there WAS The Holy Inquisition!!! You know, Cardinal Torquemada and the whole gang?

So of course, torture and God go hand in hand...can you say, "auto de fea"? Put those heritics in pretty costumes, nail their hands to a stake, humiliate them publically and then into the kiln with 'em!!!!

I can feel that righteousness coming back!!!

warmica said...

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bluewild said...

Hey, my patron saint is Joan of Arc....I forgot. History repeats itself and so on and so forth. But you're right. I'm in dire need of a history lesson, but since it's repeating itself now, I'll just pay attention?

What if you believe in reincarnation and karma - a different perspective from the "Christian" Old Testament mix of today? You never hear anybody saying "Watch out for those Buddhists!", do you? If you beleive whatever you do to others will happen to or revisit you only more intensely, one might be less inclined to participate in torture and inflicting other forms of suffering.

M A F said...

In a word, "Awesome."

ollie said...

bluewild, you need to get this idea of a "kind and loving God" or a "kind and loving approach to religion" out of your head.

Calvin and Hobbes has the right idea; scroll down to the second strip "one of the OLD gods".

This kind and loving God and "feed the hungry, heal the sick" stuff is for wimps, and our Right Honorable Mr. Alito knows that.

SamuelAlito said...

Warmica, you NITWIT. I don't need to spend your absurd $1999 on a Samuel Alito website.

I HAVE a Samuel Alito Website.


bluewild said...

"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful." I think Seneca said that in the first century.

juliep123 said...

Hmm, another "glimpse at our possible future" I suppose. Just the fact that Bush was re-elected a second time to appoint you, Sammy, is truly amazing. I can see it now: Samuel Alito not only overturns Roe vs. Wade (and Lawrence vs. Texas and Brown vs. Board of Education), legalizes torture, and shoves God down our throats, but also outlaws homosexuality, adultery, eating shrimp, minority religions, public education, and welfare. You are bound to be one unactivist judge, Sammy.