Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Unlike some Supreme Court Justices, I am hereby not out to Steal Christmas. Even the evildoers at the New York Times admit that I support wrapping your schools and courthouses in Wreaths, Creches, and Crosses more than your average judge.

This "Holiday Season," some of my friends at the Committee for Justice have made an ad telling everyone how much I love Christmas. (I have to admit, they are a little late in voicing their support).

I furthermore admit to no lower boundary when evaluating Religious displays. So long as God is included, I will find anything, even the living Nativity at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular or the Holy Mother Grilled Cheese Sandwich, protected by the full force of the law of the land.

So Ruled.


warmica said...

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Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

I just watched Charlie Brown's Christmas and feel all warm and fuzzy! You go, Sam!

ollie said...

Thank you sir, for sticking up for the real Americans around here! After all, we were founded on Christian principles (and don't listen to those athiest egg-heads when they yap about the Jefferson Bible that has all of the superstition taken out of the New Testament); they probably don't know what they are talking about.

Freedom of religion must trump all, and for US, that means the freedom to have a captive audience for the religious beliefs of real Americans!

Half Sigma said...

The Radio City spectacular is a privately run show, so the First Ammendment doesn't apply.