Saturday, November 05, 2005

With Friends Like These

I expect it when members of the left-wing conspiracy complain about me.

But Evangelicals and Fanatic Conservatives are supposed to be my friends. They aren't getting behind me, and nationwide, I'm now polling behind Harriet Miers.

The dingbats at Progress for America continue to run their site, but is still for sale -- I hope some rich liberal doesn't buy it and use it to insult me.

Don't these people know I'm against abortion?

Don't they know I'm pro-police?

What more do they want from me?


John Clancy said...

I sure am glad I found your blog. It is very interesting to read what your write & form an image of the person. Then, compare that image with what I read in the newspaper. Best of luck with the confirmation process. I'd write my senators to voice my support, but (a) they're both democrats (MD) and (b) I don't write them checks which means my mail doesn't get read.

ollie said...

Sigh...the stuff you wrote in your "had your own hair days" is coming back to haunt you.

As far as polling behind Miers: that is for two reasons...ok make that three:

1) after one flop and after that mean liberal media picked on the great President Bush, folks are unsure. Hence you have more "unsure" votes than either Miers or Roberts. You actually have fewer "anti" votes than Miers had.

2) Harriet was, uh, soooo cuuuute! Can you have line after line of "OMG's", "eyeliner posts" and ice cream binges? I don't think so.

3) Harriet's folks got out our "call you're senator" campaign rolling; can you picture YOUR face on a sunflower with text reading "pick Alito?"

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, as soon as you appear on C-SPAN and answer questions, your "friends" will love you. I watched Roberts' hearing re-runs so many times just to enjoy seeing the Senators embarrassed. They were so silly, trying so hard to look knowledgeable but everyone who watched knew they were empty suits. So watch Roberts's hearing to learn how he smiled and made the blowhards look like asses, then your "friends" would love you. You will be confirmed 66 to 34.

ron said...

I have no doubts about you. You will do fine as a Justice. I think the right ditch people though are gun shy because of the failings of some of the previous supposedly conservative justices, and yet if they were watching the descisions that have been being made, all it would take is one more and the Democrats know it. They would lose all face(something they desperately need)
I wonder if the U.S. would break out in riots also if Roe v. Wade was overturned.

It would be worth it.

M A F said...

I believe the Funde's need look no further is they have any doubts as to your qualifications.

As for you polling below Harriet, I don't buy it. Those poll results must be fixed.

Jared Nelson said...

So who are you really and does the real Sam Alito know you are impersonating him on a blog?

Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

From a reliable source I can confirm that Jared Nelson is really the most Rev. James Dobson.

Aaron said...

Shows what you know. James Dobson is no Reverand. You need better people working for you Pat. Now I am sure Scooter is innocent.

Buck 1936 said...

Who cares who you are just leave your comments of us Australians out of it and stick to your politics I don't stick my nose into your poloitics