Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Strip-Search Case

Some of you may have heard the rantings from my many critics that, just because I once said it was okay for a particular police officer to strip-search a particular 10-year old girl, that I am in favor of strip-searching all 10-year old girls.
Obviously, because of my religious background, I do not in fact believe this. What I do believe in is strip-mining ten year-old girls.
Many precious elements, particularly manganese and antimony, are rare in nature but readily available in the teeth and bones of these girls. I heartily encourage our top industrialists to find a way to mine these girls for their precious elements.


Archie's Grandson said...

Now, now, judge.


You've got to mine the little fellers, too.

ollie said...

Archie's Grandson:

First, remember that "gender" is a grammatical term; pronouns have "gender" whereas people have "sex".

Next: remember that it isn't illegal sex discrimination IF THERE IS a COMPELLING BUSINESS REASON for doing so.

Like, for example, you think that little boys are stinky.

Archie's Grandson said...

Wait a minute. People have sex!? Now that's something the court sould definitely get involved in to make sure they do it right and under the right conditions (i.e., hole in bed sheet strategically placed for.. well if you know, fine, and if you don't, YOU DON'T NEED TO!).

Rosemary said...

You guys crack me up. lol.

Judge, on the other hand, what are talking about? I am leaning to the side that does not believe this is site for our next Justice to roam the Halls of Justice! (lol)

ollie said...

Rosemary, why the pessimisim? (sp; it is early) Of course it is the site of the next justice of the SCOTUS; we all are going to call our senators to tell them to confirm the pick made by the best president that we have ever had!

Dafydd said...

Now aren't you afraid of upsetting the environmentalist lobby - leaving gaping holes in the our young female population's landscape?

Rarebit said...

Yeah. Isn't there a less intrusive mining process?