Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Thanks Mom

Your parents never lose their power to embarrass you. When my mom spoke to the Daily News yesterday, it made me feel just like when she was trying to shuffle into Foxcroft with me on my first day at Andover.

I know, I know, there are rumors out there that I went to a perfectly ordinary High School in New Jersey. Well dammit, anyone can go to Princeton and Yale, but you have to be a real someone to start off at a place that evereyone knows is the country's top boarding school (Exeter can kiss my Italian ass).

Anyway, thanks mom for almost blowing this thing before it even got started. I'll remember you, between games of Stickball in my new nabe.

UPDATE: As reported by my biggest fan, even though my mother has been acting dopey, at least my sister is a super-class act. Thanks as always A3G. And I know I didn't really go to Andover, but George did, and I want to be as much like him as I can.


Anonymous said...

Soon to be Supreme Court Justice Alito, is this really your blog?

Judge Janice Rogers Brown said...

Doesn't it say so right at the top there?

Whose else could it be, Harriet Miers's?

SamuelAlito said...

Janice quiet down.

You weren't nominated for anything yet. Let people ask. I respond with quiet dignity.

Rosemary said...

Dear Justice Samuel Alito,
Please be kind to Justice Janice Rogers Brown. I was rooting for her to be the next pick. When you were picked, I tried as best I could to find out about you, since I had not heard your name before.

Being from CA, I know of Janice. I am happy you were chosen, but I am now lying in wait for the next one to go so we can have Janice join you. I do not recommend getting her on the wrong side of you! (lol)

ron said...

Oh you people are funny and really real. lol

ron said...

P.S. Good luck. From my side I will be rooting you on and fighting for you.

ollie said...

Hey another slogan:

"Harriet says: "Ladies, you don't need your husband's consent to call you're senator to tell them to vote for Alito!""

Or "Leave no affadavit behind, vote to confirm Alito"

Chris said...

Sorry, Sammy, but as Mortimer Duke says in Trading Places, "he's had the best of everything! Exeter! Harvard!"

You can take your academy for overfed New Yorkers right back home with you to Jersey next time.

... but we'll still welcome you to the bench. No hard feelings.