Monday, November 28, 2005

The Court where I'd Rather Serve

I know that criminal trials, like state courts, are vaguely icky, but I still can't get over the fact that some no-name judge (Rizgar Mohammed Amin? he wasn't even on the short list) gets to preside in the Saddam Trial.

We have American guards taking him up the stairway, an American suit (from Sears, by the look of it) and an American defense attorney. I wonder if Saddam's folks know, by the way, that his lawyer's dad was in charge of detaining the Japs in WWII before becoming a Supreme Court Justice. He gets to be John Rocker in Oyez Baseball and everything.

Why not an American Judge?

I don't have much to do between now and January 9. I'd be happy to head east and preside over a show trial; I'd certainly start by telling Saddam he shouldn't be keeping blog.

At least the courtoom in Baghad isn't falling apart.


Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

Sam, from one friend to another, chill out, go to Bermuda and work on your golf game until January.

M A F said...

I would love to preside over Saddam's show trial just for the chance to relish in the irony of the moment.

Anonymous said...

Is the auto-disintegration of the SCOTUS building a sign? [Im]pediment? Facade?

Re justice, I love it - but Saddam's trial? It seems to have little substance. Old villains never die, they just fade into history (mythology).

So many wars and scandals, so little time...

ollie said...

The court falling apart? My guess this is a Devine message of displeasure over people picking on our beloved Harriet!

No offense Mr. Alito, but, well, I am really wondering if there is a message there for you.

bdgstone1 said...

Judge Alito,

My friend I would take some of your own should not be keeping a PUBLIC blog (see my comments about you on mine, buddy while you are being interviewed and dissected for the HIGHEST COURT IN THE LAND, where your JUDGEMENT AND IMPARTIALITY are being assessed.

Your blog, sir, is not reflective of that.

Mr Fiztgerald is correct…if you think you want any chance of getting this gig…go to Bermuda and play some golf dewd!...and lay off posting fanatical sounding rants on your blog. It’s all fair game don’t ya know.

SamuelAlito said...

Dear BDG:

I read your blog. You don't want me confirmed. Why should I take your advice?


Saddam "I Wish to Negotiate" Hussein said...

Hey. thanks for the plug! I for one would be honored to have you preside over the "unjust court" that is trying to try me!