Saturday, November 05, 2005

Grumbling about NPR

Of course, of course.

Like many others, I have my problems with National Public Radio.

But my problems are personal.

Here I thought getting a SCOTUS nomination would finally allow me to get a limerick read on my favorite NPR show, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me." I submitted a limerick, and tried to flatter the folks on the show with my knowledge that the host, Peter Sagal, secretly aspires to be a playwright.

Did I get my limerick read? Did I get Carl Kassel's voice on my answering machine?


When they talked about me, they said that "a right-wing blogger" had coined the phrase "The A stands for awesome."

They didn't even say it was me. They called me "Right-Wing" when everyone knows I'm a moderate.

Drat. Curses.


ollie said...

Oh Mr. Alito, I am sorry. They are picking on you in the same way they picked on my beloved Harriet. Ok, not in the same way; everyone knows that you are qualified.

Anyway, how can they overlook the stuff you wrote in you're (snicker) early days, such as the stuff where you said that no type of sex between consenting adults was the government's business?

Sheesh...that doesn't sound too right-wing to me. Then again, you had all of your hair in those days.

Anonymous said...

you're = you are (snark)

Oh Mr. (Un)Alito, lol, the consensus in my regular reading is that Judge Alito is very right-winged. Is this like being right-handed? Do we want to ascribe wings to those we consider extreme when it suggests something angelic? Sorry, I should blather on my own blog. Anyway, there's careful and exact reading of the law, the precedents, and SCOTUS rulings, and then there's coming out on the side of the powerful most of the time. Accident or design?

ollie said...


1) My beloved Harriet says that "you're" is the correct way to use the word as in "call you're senator." Since she was nominated by the bestest president that we ever had, who am *I* to question? (reference: )

2) Quit believing what the LIBURAL media is saying. Anyone who is on the side of God and Country is going to be called "right wing". They are "right" about Mr. Alito being "right" about the issues. The stuff he wrote about privacy issues are merely youthful indiscressions.

As far as the SCOTUS rulings seemingly favoring those in power: those who are powerful and rich wouldn't be that way unless The Almighty had intended that. Who are WE to oppose such, ahem, Intelligent Design!