Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Juice

As noted in America's Greatest News Source, my local coffee house loves me so much, they have named a blend of coffee after me (and yes, it's available online)

As an anonymous commenter mentioned in response to an earlier post, I not only have more hair, but look thinner and fitter than I have in years.

I haven't been working out. There is no botox. It's all the coffee.

It comes from a special "brewery" in Califorina, and they tell me it's going to make me excel at my job, just like it has all of my heros.


Rosemary said...

Oh darn. I've given up coffee! How are you? Well, I hope. Have a great day.

ollie said...

You know, Harriet was more "have some coffee blend named after her" type; something along a "eyeliner special blend" or something like that.

BTW, Mr. Alito, you had a nice mention from Ellen Goodman's column today.

Gyrobo said...

Coffee is what made America great. But nuclear shoelaces are what keeps us great.

--==/ So sayeth the robot. \==--

Anonymous said...

Okay, your honor, when you're confirmed, do you think you could convince a DC area purveyor of coffee to sell it in the nation's capital? I need to drop a few pounds, and a thicker head of hair is always nice.

ollie said...

Sir, you had better watch your P's and Q's when it comes to little tiny matters such as "the appearance of conflicts of interest". Those horrible liberals are all upset just 'cause you had "forgotten" to recuse yourself from a case involving Vanguard, which you own something like $329,000 worth of shares in.

They are just so picky; it isn't as if your shares would have changed value that much, one way or the other. And who in the world remembers everything they said back in 1990?


Dafydd said...

I thought America's finest news source was the Onion... Though I admit it is a bit lefty - so I suppose the Daily News is a good second.

ron said...

Why yes don't youknow. Coffee has more anti-oxidents than green tea.

M A F said...

Your Honour,

I wanted to thank you for adding me to your friends list. It isn't everyday that the next SC justice spells one's name wrong. (If you would correct the spelling for me, the 'd' should be a small.)

Thanks for the honor your honour.

John said...

I'm with David. I know damn well what America's Finest News Source is.