Monday, November 14, 2005

Today's Big News

I know, I know, you think it's a big deal that there's an article in some rag allegedly proving that I really am against abortion. Well it's nothing my mother didn't tell you two weeks ago.

No, the real news today is that I have a stalker. Obsessive loner poet TJ Cole (using the sinister pseudonym "T. J. Colatrella") has been sending angry emails to me (and the Senate, and Charlie Rose, etc.). He claims I covered up for some drunk cop that hit him in a car accident fifteen years ago. Like I can remember every crook I've ever cut a deal with.

Now he's started issuing the real (if convoluted) threats:
Sam; I just want you too know my cousin is Peter Alvino..from West Caldwell, NJ
AG..but you chose to cover for a drunk scum bag cop and my Mom is taking care of his Dad Al Alvino since my aunt Angie passed away recently..Small world ain't it..TJ Colatrella Go have fun playing Judge...

Just wanted to have it out there. In case I get gunned down between the MotorLodge and the Safeway, you've got someone ready to question.

1 comment:

Rosemary said...

Just send him my way. In my state of California, we have the right to defend our lives and property if someone actually enters our home.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Most judges don't make the deals, anyway. It's the AG and the Defense Attorney that do this. Sometimes it is for the cost/benefit of the state to do so.

I hate it, but I understand it. Sometimes justice is served by a Higher Being. That is what I have always relied on.

You take good care of yourself. :)