Thursday, November 17, 2005

The R.H.S.A.A. and the Goblet of Fire

So the various evil forces aligned to conspire against me have given up on trying to claim that I shouldn't be elevated because I failed to recuse myself from a case when I promised I would, because I'm against abortion and affirmative action, or because I favor unlimited power of detention for the government.

What they are trying instead, it appears, is to call me a nerd. Apparently because I did my homework and obeyed my parents as a kid, I'm not enough of a rebel to be on the Supreme Court.

Well there are some pretty successful nerds in history. The kid at left, for example, who has a THIRD FOURTH movie about him coming out today. Yeah, I wasn't cool enough to be in an eating club at Princeton. But little do they know that I bickered Hogwarts.

Chuck Schumer on the floor of the senate: "Anyone who thinks that this nomination is a foregone conclusion is sadly mistaken." News for Chuck: the NOMINATION has already taken place. Say what you will about my CONFIRMATION, at least I'm nerd enough to speak the language properly.


catciaodc said...

The "Riddikulus" charm from book three should be effective in neutralizing these boggarts!

What do you fear most and what will you turn them in to?

Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

I used that charm on Karl Rove, turned him into Ann Coulter, I did I did.

Harriet Miers said...

They just get meaner from here Sam. Wait until your friends start turning against you.


Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...


Tell Sam how excited we all are to have him join us for scrabble tomorrow night!

Harriet Miers said...

Pat's right Sam. Scrabble is way fun. He doesn't even rub it in your face when you can't make a word longer than 3 letters.

ollie said...

Hey Harriet, are you taking Thanksgiving vaction in Dallas? I'll be in Addison (a suburb) from Friday through Sunday and perhaps we could, ahem, "meet"?

Yeah, I am married but remember

1) I am only asking "to meet"

2) my wife refuses to wear tons of eyeliner and refuses to say that I am brilliant and, well, if things somehow get out of hand

3) The *original intent* of the 7'th Commandment ("Thou shall not committ adultery") is that a married woman not sleep with anyone other than her husband; a married man can sleep with single women. Source: Bibilical Literacy by Rabbi Telushkin. (this is why the patriarcs could have so many wives and cocubines).

And, this group (you and Mr. Alito) are "original intent" people, aren't you? ;-)

Rarebit said...

Oh Harriet, I hope you're feeling better. And by the way, Sammy, Schumer = Lord Voldemort. Only one can survive!

Half Sigma said...

"I'm not enough of a rebel to be on the Supreme Court."

Try to be more like William O Douglas.