Friday, November 18, 2005

Look at Me(y) I'm Sandra Day

I've been thinking that however hard the last month was for Harriet, and however hard these past two weeks (particularly Tuesday) have been for me, the person who has suffered the most is the delightful and wise Sandy O'Connor.

This woman wants nothing more than to go back to Arizona, where she can look after her ailing husband John (perhaps in the idyllic town of Iron Springs, outside of Prescott, where she used to read the Declaration of Independence outside the Pavillion every Fourth of July).

I discovered recently that on Oyez Baseball (where every Justice in history is linked to a baseball player) Sandy is paired with Jackie Robinson (Thurgood Marshall is Emmet Ashford, natch). The entry on O'Connor/Robinson reads:

Both O'Connor and Robinson broke down the barriers to big league stadiums. O'Connor was the first woman on the Court; Robinson was the first black player in the major leagues. The similarities end here. Robinson went on to star in the movie, "The Jackie Robinson Story." His life was celebrated in a Broadway musical, "The First." There is little likelihood that Justice O'Connor will star in the movies or be memorialized in musical theater.
As a musical theatre fan, I disagree with this last bit, and as a potential justice, I'm looking for my shot.

1) Who will play Justice O'Connor in the musical?
2) Who will be my Oyez Baseball player and why?

The winner will get a glossy 8x10 of me, signed by Patrick J. Fitzgerald. You can leave in comments or email

UPDATE: Yes, I know she is going to be the "Chancellor" of William and Mary. It's a ceremonial post that Henry Kissenger has been doing for years without visiting the campus much. The people in Arizona sure expect her there.

DOUBLE-UPDATE: She will be teaching at the Univeristy of Arizona in February. All the more proof that the W&M job is ceremonial.


Roger Clemens said...


I think in Oyez Baseball you should be Barry Bonds, because you are on the juice.

ollie said...

Nice punny title, Mr. Alito.

Hmmm, perhaps the greatest president we've ever had could lead us in a song about your confirmation hearings called: "you're the one that I want, oooh-oooh-oooh-ooh" and you could wear a black t-shirt, and maybe our Harriet could wear a black spandex cat-suit?

or is such a scene, too, uh "Greasy" for us? ;-)