Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What You'll all be Missing

Since some people seem to have no sense of humor or imagination, I will not be providing the posts I was planning for the rest of this week.

It's too bad, because you would have all been treated to an exciting dramatic escapade: while A3G's tribulations as a terror suspect in a Secret CIA prison were going to only get worse (the waterboarding post was particularly good), Mr. Lat, though chased by an overzealous enemy was going to go on to fame and fortune. Frankly, that's how I hope it works out in real life anyway.

The whole thing was to be narrated (with doctored pictures, references to Alito decisions, and musical numbers) by yours truly, The Right Honorable Samuel A. Alito, Jr.

As it stands, I'm taking a few days off. I'll return on Monday with "Alito Seyz" -- a regular feature in which I (The Right Honorable Samuel A. Alito, Jr.) discuss current events through the lens of my past decisions.


Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

Ghobe'! Sam, please don't make me out to be the enemy - some people just don't understand your wit and satire and take it too literally (like your previous statements opposing abortion.)

The good news - A3G has been officially expelled from my monthly Klingon scrabble group and you are hereby officially invited to HIghoS and join us on the third Friday of every month.

FYI, I provide a mean spread of cold cuts, pork rinds, slim jims, Fritos, bean dip and Red Stripe. Condi makes sushi, Madeleine brings pop and wine, Harriet's makes homemade pita bread and humus, and Anna Marie Cox brings Krispy Cremes. If you can bring fondue (David was gifted in this area) we would rain flowers and kisses on you, but anything you whip up will be just fine. See you soon!

Pro Bono said...

Too bad for A3G that he, formerly "she", did not read Kerfuffles’ posts about “Blogging For Dissidents” and “Blogging Anonymously”.

ollie said...

So, this site is a paradoy, huh?

Well, at least my Harriet's site was authentic, right?

Right? ;-)

Harriet Miers said...

That's right Ollie.

And I'll always remember you're support.


Ahmad Chalabi said...

Okay, enough coverup. The rumour is that you're Woodward's third source, the one who originally disclosed Plame's identity. Out with it, Alito. And here you and Fitzgerald are happily posting to each other like a couple of high school kids. Isn't that some sort of conflict of interest rates?

M A F said...

Your Honour,

I am deeply saddened to learn that you will not be posting again until Monday.

For the life of me I can't understand how Harriet, (clearly Bush's first choice for the SC) was unable to win over the hearts and minds of those people that can't grasp the simplicity of parody and the sentiments of sarcasm which abound here.

Anonymous said...

Its the FOURTH harry potter movie coming out. Not the third.

Anonymous said...

Its the FOURTH harry potter movie coming out. Not the third.

Steve72 said...

Yet again, lawyer's make all of our lives a little less happy.

Steve72 said...

I am truly embarassed that I misused an apostrophe in my last post. It will haunt me at night.