Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Good Vibrations

So apparently, just because I have always ruled in favor of the government in any case involving detention, some of my many belligerent critics (and doesn't the name "Armando" sound vaguely foreign to anyone else?) think that I'll support the administration in its efforts to engage in "Waterboarding."

They are absolutely right.

I don't see why people can't engage in whatever sports they want in their free time. My son got into "Snowboarding" in college, and even though I was against it, I let him do it. Plus, back in 1972, I listened to my fair share of the Beach Boys. I particularly liked "Help Me Rhonda."


bluewild said...

Watch out everybody. Here come da judge! I think you've temporarily rendered your bloggers speechless.

ollie said...

Sir, I agree with you. As our buddy A. G. said: those sort of rules for humane treatment of prisioners is, like, so "quaint".

What the heck, what would be wrong with wheeling? After all, I love playing with my bike.

Raven said...
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Anonymous said...

If white people use black humor, do black people use white humor?

Someone is in a dark mood. Care to share, Sammy?

Sini said...

But Judge Alito, my friends in Opus Dei tell me that waterboarding is kind of gay. Shouldn't you ban it for that reason alone?