Tuesday, November 01, 2005

That Was Fun

Last night was tons of fun, with treats from my friends, and a minimal number of Tricks from my enemies.

More importantly, I'm worried. As you know, I love musicals. I've been informed that up in New York, they are currently holding auditions to turn one of my favorite films into a Broadway Show.

I hope they don't screw it up. Maybe they can cast A3G to be certain it's a hit.


Rosemary said...

That's would be a great idea. When I lived in NYC, most of the shows were very well done. Then again, that was back in the '80's! lol.

Don't worry too much. It causes wrinkles! You are too handsome to have wrinkles at such a young age. :)

ollie said...

Well, one way to avoid wrinkles is to gain weight and get fat. Ask Justice Scalia about that method. :-)

So, now that there is talk about resistance from those awful LIBURALS (you'd think that they would be happy having ONE female on the SCOTUS), we need to get some sort of "call you're senator" campagin going. Sorr about the way I spelled "you're", but hey, I am still smarting over my beloved Harriet being shot down; probably the fault of those awful liburals.

"A" is for AWESOME; confirm Alito!


"A" is for advise, and NO (spousal) CONSENT is needed in this: Confirm Alito!"