Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Why I'm the Perfect Loyal Nominee

Remember Mike Luttig? You know, the guy who was the alleged "front-runner" for the Supreme Court vacancy, whom I passed by because GWB's advisors feared he was too conservative to win confirmation?

Well he just ruled against the president in the Padilla case. Apparently he thinks there are limits to the power of the CHIEF EXECUTIVE to imprison people.

Maybe he's just bitter he didn't get the nod, but maybe he really is a traitor. Don't worry George, when I take the bench, I promise a blank check -- Luttig will be the first one thrown in "the Hole."


ollie said...

Sir, I agree. Luttig is a traitor. He should be shot.

Whatever the President wants is what is best. But don't say that we didn't warn you that those treasonous liberals would be questioning you on the matters of govermental power.

But, and I drop my eyes in shame when I say this, I have something to say about your blog.

It is my current, honestly held opinion that, well, your blog just doesn't measure up to Harriet's blog.

And please, don't let things like this make you think that there is some conflict of interest! ;-)

Rarebit said...

Is hanging still an option open the the Federal Governemnt? Or, more specifically, a sentence that can be levelled by an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States on some stupid appeals court judge?