Thursday, January 12, 2006


So no sooner have I finished my testimony, thinking I get to kick back all day (after my visit to wardrobe) and I discover that there is a foul plot afoot.

As you all surely know, the number one stepping stone to the court is to sit on the Advisory Committee on Appellate Rules (I am the outgoing chair, John Roberts was a ranking member). If you take a moment to scan the current membership, you will find only one other name that has been bandied about as a SCOTUS nominee:

The Dread Maureen E. Mahoney.

I thought nothing of this until I noticed that Ms. Mahoney has started her own blog, where she is conducting a "shadow campaign" to replace me!

Let the ABA people rattle on, I have to get cracking on my "Stop Maureen" campaign.

1 comment:

ollie said...

Mr. Alito, this isn't a problem. Maureen is a GIRLLLL. GIRLLLs don't belong on the SCOTUS; even our old buddy Harriet understood that.
Maybe she can get you coffee or something.