Thursday, January 12, 2006

Time for a Walk

Well, I'm still concerned about Maureen, but I have reached her and have to take her at her word that her blog is a "just in case" measure.

I get to have a little time off while the parade of old white men testify on my behalf. I asked what I should do in this town, and everyone gave me the same answer.

So, just like Vince Young saying he was going to Disneyland, I am compelled to say, on my way out of the hearing room, "Butterstick, here I come."

UPDATE: Heard the mention of my special coffee on the way out the building. Love that coffee. It's done wonders for my hair.

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M A F said...

I gave her what for on your behalf your Honour.

Anonymous said...

We're so proud of who you are and your integrity. Congratulations! You will be confirmed and America will be the better for it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Alito,

Thanks for your blog. I'm a lifelong conservative, and have been active in several campaigns.

I heard some of the testimony today on immigration. As an evangelical Christian, I appreciate the legacy of American compassion to others seeking asylum. We also need to excercise care given the war on terror and the fact that precedent, once established, can be hard to change. However, I'm still confused on your general approach to these matters....can you point me to any concise article you've written that can help me see how you approach these matters? Ditto for abortion....given the "open mind" comment, but the (apparently) straightforwardly pro-life statements on your blog.

Yours respectfully,

Alex Chediak

SamuelAlito said...


Thanks for the comment. You can access my major decisions here.. The major immigration cases I heard involve asylum, and I have been a staunch supporter of asylum-seekers who make a strong case (for example, I have granted asylum to a number of cases in which women who would be forced to undergo an abortion if they returned to China, though not their unmarried partners).

For an abortion case that has not been in the news, may I recommend Shelton, a case you can read in its entirety in the above link or through my commentary here. Thank you all for your support.