Monday, January 09, 2006

Chuck Schumer is talking

So obviously I'm websurfing on my handheld. Favorite story - a Greenpeace whaling-protest boat crashed off the coast of Japan. Maybe it will leak oil.

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Anonymous said...

Shumer looks like a moron with his prepared charts...he, like the rest of the assasins have their prepared speech to give regardless of what the hearings are about...Little Chuckie should understand what the public concerns are and listen...If I were Alito I'd remember in detail how these nuts treated him and chose to orate and not question when he is confirmed (and he will be confirmed).
Kennedy is an immoral drunk with a history of at least sexual misconduct and perhaps even manslaughter...Chuckie very well may have things revealed about his "lilly white" past as well..Keep an eye on the ones that protest too loud.