Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dick Durbin Again


I know I don't rule in favor of immigrants as often as you like. But if it turns out the reason that they want to come to the US is that they are an evangelical Christian who wants to avoid a "one-child" policy so that they can come forth and multiply, I give them the green light. So don't call me heartless; look at the record.


bluewild said...

When are you writing these thigs?!

bluewild said...

I meant when are you writing these posts, not thigs....

RightWingRocker said...

My question is this:

Will you keep blogging as a Supreme Court Justice?


ollie said...

Good job, righwingrocker, for saying "as a Supreme Court Justice" instead of "if you are confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice".

RightWingRocker said...

Oh, get a life Ollie.

These hearings are a mere technicality. The Left's last opportunity to smear him in any way they can. I can only imagine what was said that got that reaction from Mrs. Alito. These Senate Democrats have a long-established record of no shame.

Once the hearings are over and Sam is confirmed, you can go back to planning your socialist utopia that's never going to happen.

Now, Ollie (and the rest of you Donks), repeat after me:

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?


Not Ahmad Chalabi said...

Nice ring to it? Yes. So does "Joseph Stalin". He also believed in a unitary executive. Or, what was his name, Beria. Beria is a cool name too.

SamuelAlito said...

I'm not sure I'll have time to blog as a Justice, RightWing, but I'd hate to have the blog go to waste.

Beria is a nice name, but since he was a traitor, he's no one I want to be associated with. Then again, he was a traitor to Stalin, so maybe it's a good thing.

Oh it makes my head hurt.

ollie said...

Listen Rightwingrocker, when our Right Honorable Mr. Alito gets confirmed, he is going to look after his friends.

So you had better be nice to me!

Check out the front page of this blog: it says "My Buddy Ollie" and NOT "My Buddy Rightwingrocker".

We appreciate your support, but you had better learn to know your place!

M A F said...

Your Honour, I believe that you should defend Ollie from the unfounded accusations made by rightwingrocker, an obvious liberal in disguise. Everyone knows that rock music and the rightwing go together like oil and water. Like satan and Jesus.

SamuelAlito said...


Lay off Ollie. You can knock senators any which way from Sunday (my experience before them makes me realize that all of them, Republicans and Democrats, are easily-bribed tax attorneys who would have trouble winning school board elections if they were held fairly), but you cannot throw it at people who have visited this site since the day it was started (three days before I was nominated).


ollie said...

Mr. Alito: thank you for your support!

McDonald's Animal Farm: I am afraid that you are "right" (snicker) about our Mr. Rightwingrocker.

I snooped around and have reason to believe that he has the following as "hey these are cool" links:

1) National Association of GIRRRL Lawyers and
2)A Group Whose Name I Can't Bring Myself to Mention.

As far as the quality of this intelligence, "it is a slam dunk" that what I say is true!