Tuesday, January 10, 2006

That was some dinner

So no one told me where I could get black bean soup, so I had to make do with steak. It was pretty good, but back in my AUSA days we used to tell the womenfolk we were working late, drive into the city, and put back a porterhouse here, and the fact that they have tablecloths in DC doesn't mean that I think it's better down here.

So it appears that whether or not you thought I did well today depends on who you are. Since I am, after all, ME, I think I did "splendidly, with admirable humility."

I'll be back tomorrow morning with a full stomach. Hear me roar.

UPDATE: Apparently, the sophisticates over at Slate have concluded that I'm in trouble because I'm A) boring and B) not as funny as advertised. What they don't know is that I have been very calculating in hiding my humor in the hearing room. I have saved my best bits for those of you who can find me here.


Rosemary said...

I thought you did spledidly! How can you put up with them? They are just men. Little boys. No wonder they wanted to know if you cared about the little rich kids! They wanted to know if you would curry favor for them! lol.

Happy New Year! I want you to EAT something this time. I guess the President doesn't eat that much for breakfast? My, my. He needs a talking to. Maybe he just didn't want you to get a stomach ache! lol. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

My question is of a legal nature, perhaps you can help...

If an unelected "president" makes said appointments -what happens when everyone finds out that the president was not legally elected, but in fact cheated? (See GAO)

Would not that make such appointments invalid? Illegal at worst?

ollie said...

Anonymous: you don't get it. The Almighty HIMSELF wants our Right Honorable Mr. Alito up there to do HIS will for all of us.

If The Best President We've Ever Had just happened to get a bit of divine intervention to help him win out over the forces of evil, well, that is just another sign of Devine Favor and we'd all be unwise to question it.

SamuelAlito said...


That question would have to be answered in court.

The Supreme Court, probably.

Don't expect me to recuse myself or anything.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much fot your thoughtful clarification.

Now I feel like Tommy, "Stupid, stupid stupid!". That's why I must remain anon...