Friday, January 13, 2006

Who are these people?

Does anyone care who these people are?

My understanding is that, while Ronald Sullivan does in fact teach at Yale, he prefers Pepe's to Sally's, which disqualifies him from any authoritative decisionmaking process.

Kate Michaelman has a point. I should reconsider my abortion position in her case. Having this woman for a mother would be a fate worse than death.

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Anonymous said...


I think you're afraid to respond to Chemerinsky. That dude is smart and he says you should not be confirmed. It's Friday the 13th, and I think you're a little worried. Things aren't looking so good for you today, like the past couple of days. Trouble in the air.

Walter E. Kurtz said...

Why is the Pringles heiress testifying on your behalf? Now you have to recuse yourself from any cases involving pringles.

Anonymous said...

Pringles are awful anyway. And so is Princess Pringle.