Friday, January 27, 2006

The Nerve!

Yesterday, my dastardly enemy, the dread John Kerry, announced that he and Ted Kennedy are supporting my nemesis, a certain Phil E. Buster.

I suppose I should be quaking in my boots, but I think my hero Jon Kyl is going to be able to bail me out of this one.

Plus, I know his real plan:

Try the filibuster, let the Republicans invoke the nuclear option. Then, after I'm confirmed and I make a series of unpopular rulings, he can run in 2008 as the only man who tried to stop me.

Plus he'll be able to reap the rewards of the "Theory of the Unitary Executive."

A plan so crazy, it just might work.


tb1 said...

You HAVE to keep blogging. How else are us peons going to communicate with an "all-powerful" being. Besides you like the SUNS and Joh Kyl so you MUST be really cool.

Run John run!!

SamuelAlito said...


I am so glad that Bill Gates is giving all the money to help eradicate you. I mean, not that I won't miss you, but you understand.

Also, you spell Jon Kyl's name wrong twice (as "Joh" and "John"). Plese refer to this site for the correct spelling.

finding_walden said...

I was watching the testimonies on C-span the other night as I was getting ready to go out. I had my back to the tv, but heard someone who was well spoken, mild, but pointed. I found myself scrounging for a pen to write down some of his statements. When I looked at the tube, it was your friend Kyl. I'm a bit of an anglophile so I usually am partial to C-span's broadcasts of Tony Blair...but I have to admit I've been glued of late.

Greek Justice for All said...

How about Ann Coulter's terrible joke today. What can we say now about her?

ollie said...

Ann Coulter? I am sorry, but I didn't "here" the joke; what was it?

I admit that I soured on her when she was so mean to our Beloved Harriet.

M A F said...

Come on your Honour, do you believe that Kerry has any courage? I mean I'd thought that the Swiftboat fellows settled this matter once and for all.

And Kennedy, what can one say about Kennedy that hasn't already been heard?

You are practically sitting on the bench...and with the vote scheduled for Tuesday, the day of the SOTU the Democrats are walking into an ambush if they try to filibuster your accession to the SC.

And Kerry will have his dream of being president ripped from his busom.

SamuelAlito said...


I don't need to get John Paul Stevens out of the way to get onto the court. By giving Sandra Day O'Connor's husband Alzheimer's, I managed to get an opening without quite resorting to murder.

But I hear that Maureen has taken the remarks as an inspiration.

Ahmad Chalabi said...

The noive! The noive! The novie ofem!

Ahmad said...

Speaking of nerve, Where is the place to comment on the "A is for Awesome" bit? Sure, the "A" is for awesome. But what does the "JR" stand for? Is it "Jury Rigged"? You know about rigged juries. Or is it "Jus Republicanis"? Or Jurassic? Or "Justine Reverted"?