Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Orrin Hatch

I'm on autopilot for this guy. All I have to do is agree while he continues to praise me.

What I'm really doing is thinking about Ted Kennedy, coming up next. I read this morning on the way in that he is now writing a 56-page children's book.

I didn't know he had ever written anything else.

Before I post, I have to say "stare decisis" again. Got it.

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ollie said...

Better watch that praise from Senator Hatch; he may be a conservative but he isn't a true Christian; he belives in a Mother God and various multiple gods. Just like Senator Reid. He isn't, ahem, "one of us" but we'll take his support anyway.

Oh yes, I got e-mail from Senator Durbin. That is one Senator who is in dire need of "Righting"!!!