Monday, January 16, 2006

A New Day

The weather was poor for golf in DC this weekend, so I had to scrap my tee time. Instead I watched my favorite player in his comeback in Honolulu. Next best thing.

I'm all ready to go have more hearings this morning, after the rave reviews I got last week, but apparently the PC-police in the US Senate have other plans.

So I just sit here at the hotel, twiddling my thumbs. Anyone have a suggestion of what to do in this town?


ollie said...

Yes. Take your wife clothes shopping!!!! Hint.

stonesoup said...

Gosh, I feel so used....Us commoners are always being had, aren't we.

All the comments ! All the fools!

Greek Justice For All said...

Hon Alito,

How about bowling? Even in Greece, we have a bowling alley in the resort of Glyfada. If you ever make it to Greece, that's the area you should visit. A former American military town and still has the touches of America with bowling alley, tennis etc.

But, with bowling, it's a way to put your mind at ease. Plus, you can wear a bowling shirt!! My favorite attire.

Cheers from Greece from a fellow Expat Patriot.

bluewild said...

expatriot patriot?

B. Arnold said...

You are certainly honorable for putting up with Ted Kennedy and his like. I agree with all the decisions you've made in the past. I think Americans need to understand that liberty needs to be forsaken to preserve it, just as we quite often need to forsake our power to the president to preserve it.

And the fact is, we are at war to preserve our peace and the best quality of life in the world. People will see when everyone turns to the church, I mean the Christian church, that peace and prosperity will abound and multiply and the American flag will be waving proudly inall nations and countries.

ollie said...

Stonesoup, don't listen to the media. They are all liberal lackeys.

We know that we are talking to the Right Honorable Samuel A. Alito, graduate of Princeton University, and defened of all what is right and good.

(ok, now when to we start getting our friends to start calling they're, I mean there, uh, ...darn, speaking "harriet" is hard!, senators?)

SamuelAlito said...


No need to call you(')r(e) senator. The votes are cast and the way is clear. The road to my goal is clear.

Tried to go shopping, but couldn't find our favorite store).

Kit Neill said...

Gee, we got free tickets to the Sony golf thing. Since it was "way other side island" I too saw some of it on TV.

But TCM had two of my fave movies on, "Cat Ballou" and "Annie Oakley" so I watched them instead.

Sorry you're stuck in DC hotel room when Oahu was so very nice and sunny.

PS-I'm being snarky because if you chip away at Roe v Wade I will absolutely quit saying you are cute!

Tickles_Tapeworm said...

i'm not big on golf personally, but the weather was poor up here as well.

Anonymous said...
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Martie said...

One of my complaints about this whole hearing process is that it is so far removed from the citizens and we have no input whatsoever into that process and then I discover your blog! I'm totally amazed and have to say thank you for doing this. You have just given me a reason to pay closer attention to the whole process.

Here's one thing that bothers me:
I read that out of 311 published opinions by you and which represents 15 years on the bench, according to Clark Hoyt's article in the Knight Rider Newspaper, you have "seldom sided with a criminal defendant, a foreign national facing deportation, an employee alleging discrimination or consumers suing big business."

And then I read that Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, a leader in the Alito confirmation process, sent a letter to the editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer, a Knight Ridder paper, denouncing the story as "neither objective nor accurate."

Of all of these issues, the consumer business one concerns me the most, but even more than that, it’s the fact that the implied question is not addressed. I understand that the hearings have become a nothing more that a sophisticated political chess game but it would appear that no one in the audience knows how to ask a real question that puts this chess game aside momentarily.

I think all people want to know is that you are not going to be bias and impartial in deciding cases that are presented for you. We want to see how you think on both sides of an issue; that you weigh the factors that are important to both sides of an argument BEFORE you make up your mind.

I would ask you this: “Can you give three examples where you have sided for and against criminal defendants; for and against a foreign national facing deportation; for and against an employee alleging discrimination; and for and against consumers suing big business
and explain your rationale for these decisions. That way we could see if you were impartial or not and glimpse into what and how you think.

Perhaps the fairest way to do these hearings would be to open one day of the questioning so that citizens could ask you their questions too. I know that the Senators and Congressmen and women are supposed to represent us, but you know as well as I do, that this is not true any more.

Any, thanks for having this blog and for giving us a glimpse into your world that is not filtered through the media.

Martie said...

Sorry I meant to say people want to know that you are not going to be bias BUT impartial in deciding cases that are presented for you.

Thanks again.

ollie said...

Martie, you don't get it, do you.

Remember "Father Knows Best"? This is something like that. Our Right Honorable Samuel Alito recieves direct guidance from the Almighty; when he gives a ruling, it is almost as if he speaks "ex cathedra", so to speak.

Otherwise, the Best President We've Ever Had wouldn't have nominated him.

Besides, you are a Girl!!!
So make you'reself useful (see I have mastered Harrietspeak) and get us guys some coffee. Alito special blend; I'll take mine black.

SamuelAlito said...


The best thing to do is read through the impartial summaries of my decisions at Findlaw.

Tallying decisions and opinions can be confusing for many reasons. For the first part, the cases that reach the third circuit are self-selecting -- on the whole, criminal defendants who reach the third circuit have already been ruled against multiple times, and therefore are often ruled against again (the state does not appeal a case, for example, in which the prosecutor believes the jury came to a faulty "not guilty" verdict). Therefore, any judge's criminal appeals history is going to appear weighted in favor of the government -- only cases that have been found for the government by lower courts even make the docket.

Other cases are sometimes hard to classify. The bulk of my immigration opinions are also "abortion opinions," in that they deal with Chinese women claiming asylum because if they are returned to China, they will be forced to undergo an abortion or be sterilized. In the case of Gui Cun Li v. Ashcroft, I ruled in favor of Ms. Gui, who had already been forced to have two abortions. I ruled against John Ashcroft -- the justice department claimed her documents claiming she had been forced to undergo abortions were forged. In Cai Fung Wong v. Ashcroft, however, I found that since the woman had already been sterilized (possibly forcibly) the threat of a forced abortion did not exist, so she was returned to China. You can read both of these decisions on Findlaw.

I'm going to give you just one case regarding employment law; one I've discussed on the blog. In Shelton v University of Medicine and Dentistry, I found that an employer properly terminated an employee (who claimed discrimination on the basis of her religious belief). While I found Ms. Shelton's religious belief "sincere" on the basis of a letter she provided her employer, I found that the employer made a reasonable accomodation to her demands, and only when she denied the accomodation was she fired.

I hope this helps. Basically, when I say that decisions on these cases turn on details in the law and facts, I am not lying.

Anonymous said...

"Judge Alito's Bold Justice Blend"....LOL!

This is a VERY funny blog, Samuel.

Stone Soup said...

Juat answer the question Andrew!
3 cases pro -3 cases against and so on and so forth. Abolish the long-winded answers and requiring US to do the research, damn it!. Give us the answer and then afterwards we will check the facts!!!!

The !!!!are in honor of the late spirit of a potential nominee you know who...

B. Arnold said...

I'd like to see term limits relinquished if we could have President Bush for life to see the End.

Montag said...

A fun series of posts on the/your confirmation hearings at Stump Lane: I Do Not Like That Sam I Am.