Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Bear Left!" "Right, Frog"

So low and behold, just days before I get to appear before such fashon plates as Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, the "Alliance for Justice" has put out a news release that I would like to "drive the Supreme Court sharply to the right."

As Kermit and Fozzie proved, above, you only want to Bear Left when you are two puppets trying to make it in Hollywood. When you are leading the country, you want to bear right when you come to a fork in the road.

Regarding evaluation from people who matter, the American Bar Association has given me its highest rating: "Well, qualified." Unfortunately, their opinion counts for squat. The only person they found "Not Qualified," Gregory F. Van Tatenhove of Kentucky, was confirmed anyway.


RawTension said...

You are going to be confirmed. I am going to be on the phone everyday. I will ask them why they asked such idiotic questions, why they are against religion, do they not realize there is no religious test, and nowhere in the constitution does it declare that we have to replace a Justice with someone of the same idiology! Case in point: Justice Ginsberg. You know, straight out of the ACLU! She replaced a true conservative! Grr!

God bless you, and have a Happy New Year!

Rosemary said...

Sorry. That name is supposed to be Rosemary. I guess I am still learning how to keep up with all the changes they keep making. lol. Anyway, have a good time. Take them for a ride, and drive them crazy! lol.

ron said...

Sam the man at it again. Been a pleasure to have chatted with such a man about to become the famous Justice Alito. I look forward with curiosity to your tenure on the Supreme court.
Well back to fighting the mob see ya.