Monday, January 02, 2006

Born To Run

If the nominee is not qualified, talk about qualifications. If he is wrong on the law, talk about the law. If he is qualified and right on the law, make fun of his clothes.

In that vein, the New York Times is making a point of saying that I don't get manicures (true!) and don't wear the right color tie (false!). The money quote: "He will look like he is from New Jersey, because he is."

Someone else from New Jersey is at left. Let's make a compromise. My guys will let you put through "Bruce Springsteen Day," and you can confirm me.

Incidentally, it turns out that just after returning to blogging, Article III Groupie has been outsourced to Bangalore, and will be missing my hearings. So it looks like I'll have to pick up the slack, like I did when you went away before. By the way A3G, the Barneys Warehouse sale is in September, not August. They sell suits too, if you're ever in the market.

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