Monday, January 02, 2006

"Right Your Senator" Campaign

While you all know that I am far too intelligent to litter my blog with errors in grammar, I still want to honor my predecessor's spirit in my "Right your Senator" campaign. After all, many of you have a "Republican" senator who has nevertheless been discovered to be hopelessly wrong on issues of wiretapping, torture, or abortion. These people form a clear and present threat to my elevation.

In order to enter the campaign, simply identify the senator that needs righting, and send me an ad in any format to I will have Karl deliver the winning entries to the targeted senators personally, so long as he isn't under indictment.


ollie said...

My entry is here.

ollie said...

Sir, you have another website and allies as well!

Why were you holding out on us? ;-)

ollie said...

I have another entry (html)