Sunday, January 08, 2006

Word of the Day - Stare Decisis

So just as people can interpret art to their own fancy, people can interpret today's word.

Many people see the painting at left ("Stare Night") and think it is a haunting expression of the beauty and pain of madness. Me, I think it's the scribbling of a nitwit who cut his ear off and sent it to a hooker.

Likewise, when you hear me say "Stare Decisis" today, you should remember that the democrats think I'm saying "Judges must abide by precedent, and stand by rulings that have been made in the past" (like Roe, Wesberry v. Sanders, and Marbury v. Madison).

What the republicans and my ardent supporters hear in addition is, "Of course, when you are on the Supreme Court, you can do whatever you damned well please." It is the judicial equivalent of calling "mooks" with your fingers crossed.

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bluewild said...

Well, that's reassuring....