Monday, January 09, 2006

Pracitce, Practice, Practice

So my opening joke, where a lawyer tells the Supreme Court that he "got here" by taking the B&O railroad, bombed, but Lindsay Graham bribed the transcriber to put down a [laughter] anyway.

I brought notes, but didn't use them (it makes me feel cozy just having them near), and noticed that most of the senators looked just as bored by me as I was by them.

Some of you may have wondered what I meant when I said that when I was at Princeton in 1968, I saw "very smart and privileged people behaving irresponsibly." Well, I don't want to hint at future decisions, but some of it had to do with opposing a war. I thought those kids were extremely irresponsible.

If any of you, by the way, are only $50 short of getting a suit to go to college in (I LONG for the days when people wore suits to college classes), don't come asking to me. My father already spent it.

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Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

Sam, you are going to be a real wit some day, you are already a half wit now! ;)

bluewild said...

Timing timing timing! Don't underestimate the pregnant pause. (which you by the way, aborted).