Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Joe Biden Again

Talking about "real-world consequences." Joe, if I cared about the real world, I would have become a tax attorney.

If a woman is worried that she can't take time off to be pregnant (and barefoot), then heck she can go ahead an have an abortion. (as long as she meets the various requirements we slowly impose upon her).

As for CAP, the real world is that my kids, top-notch swimmer and sweet guy that they are, are kind of dumb (have you noticed MY OWN DAUGHTER yawning behind me?). I don't care if Princeton lets in more women, fewer women, blacks, latinos, whoever. CAP was also interested in admitting a higher percentage of alumni children, and if they had succeeded, maybe my son wouldn't have to go to UVA (and he'd even have his own BlackBerry).

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ollie said...

Shame on you, posting something from a "Junior" that a "Junior University".

Anonymous said...

..if you cared..?