Friday, January 13, 2006

Does this man strike fear in your heart?

One of my commentors suggests that a man named Erwin, who teaches at a school known for nothing much more than basketball, should have me worried about my elevation. Guess what? I'm not.

Now we have a couple of members of congress (who owe their elections to gerrymandered districts I would like to abolish) testifying against me. Conflict of interest, anyone?

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Greek Justice For All said...

You will do just fine. Several of us conservative Ex-Pat Americans here in Greece are rooting for you.

God Bless you and the United States of America....

And, I still can't believe you allow ordinary people like me to talk to you.

You are number #1 in my book!

Anonymous said...

Hey now! I AM Erwin Chemerinsky. Don't let my lazy eye fool you ... I have all the power of the Senate in my hands and you have no power at all until I let them confirm you. Beg for mercy.

Anonymous said...

Greek justice - What are you doing in Greece? If you are a true patriot as the conservatives are, shouldn't you be here at home?

Not enough opportunity, or is it better in Greece than the USA? Please!

Greek Justice For All said...

Anonymous poster:

Greece is not better. But it is also nice here. Many American conservatives visit here on vacation. In fact, former President Bush comes every summer to visit one of the wealthiest Greek ship-owners.

Plus, I have a Greek wife, and all the trimmings. (Pls See Big Fat Greek Wedding)

Additionally, remember, the US needs envoys such as me to spread the positive nature of conservatism around the world.

There are too many liberals already in the world bad mouthing our President and our foreign policy. So, my work is cut out for me here in Greece. Remember, if you know anything about recent Greek history, the Greeks believe that the US betrayed them over the Cyprus issue, and the military (supposedly CIA inspired) Junta in the late 60s/70s.

My goal is to get them to love us again, one Republican at a time.

God Bless America!

P.S. Why do you not post your name? or at least an avatar. Are you ashamed?

ollie said...

Duke, schmook. Even the residents of ArkanSAW ran him out on a rail in tar and feathers. Why anyone would name a university after this guy I can't imagine.

pramahaphil said...

Erwin is ugly enough that he maybe should strike fear into you heart, he does mine. However, thanks to hypocritical moral weaklings like Kennedy, the rubber stamp couldn't be more firmly affixed to your confirmation.

To listen to Mr. Chapaquidick (I'm from Utah and to lazy to look up a correct spelling)try and label you as some kind of immoral racist was one of the most offensive displays of the hearings.

Chermerinsky...BRRRR!!! Sends a shiver down my spine.

Thanks for blogging

ollie said...

pramahaphil says :"(I'm from Utah and to lazy to look up a correct spelling) "
"to lazy"?

You haven't been consulting with our pal Harriet, have you? ;-)

"Right you're senators!"

Anonymous said...

greek justice - I am not ashamed. I appreciate your answer. I suppose it doesn't matter one way or the other if I post a name or indicate my avatar or not since a government agent or official has been able to track me or you or anybody else if they want, apparently even before 9/11 without a warrant. Unlike Jesus Christ, most of Bush's friends as you indicate are among the wealthiest of nations but he has little contact with the individuals that make up the bothersome "masses", and I aint talkin' bout church, Aristotle.

Peace and goodness be unto you and your brethren and may generosity of spirit and heart do their turn and turn what must be turned.

Anonymous said...

Are you a eteran Greek Justice?

Greek Justice For All said...

I'm not familiar with the term "eteran".

But to the other anon poster:

I don't think we should clog up the good judge's blog with all this chatter though.

Regarding rich friends: The repubican party is made up of many decent people, and President Bush is just one of them, and I'm sure he has poor friends as well. The mean spirited media has a tendency to paint him in a negative light.

Regarding the Patriot Act. As my old friend (retired FBI agent) once told me. "If you ain't doing nutin wrong, you ain't got anything to worry about".

Throughout the history of our great nation, the government has had to act to secure our country from threats and some liberties were curtailed, but always brought back. I'm sure that this time is no different.

Now, let's focus on the Honorable Alito and his success as our next justice.

Here Here

pramahaphil said...

That would be a negative -- ollie.

I'm just doing my part to rid the state of Orrin Hatch

pramahaphil said...

Don't ask me why I cited my being from Utah as reasoning for my laziness, in hindsight I would have made fun of it too.

Beria said...

Yes, Greek Justice is true. We had to do same in Soviet Union. Even worse. Had to curtail 20 million kulaks and liberal intellectuals to keep country free. Can't keep the country free without controlling what people do. FBI friend of Greek Justice is true when he says "You are only truly free when you do what the police and government tell you to do."

Anonymous said...

heh heh - greek justice said he's "rooting" for you.