Monday, January 09, 2006

Yes I can blog like this

Luckily, I snuck in my BlackBerry, so I can write a post while the senators drone on. I have to come clean, this is an incredibly boring experience, made bearable only because of the sedative I had with breakfast.

Thoughts so far:

Yes, my daughter is a swimming champion, and yes she's cute, but she is underage, so you cannot ask her out Michael. I'm glad at least you were traditional enough to consult me.

The senators:

Specter (PA): Roe schmoe, you know we own you.

Kennedy (MA): You called me "Alley-Oto." After that I stopped paying attention.

Grassley (IA): I'm no doctor, but it sure sounds like you have throat cancer or something.

Biden (DE): You complain about my decisions and papers, but you know, at least I wrote them myself.

Kyl (AZ): God I wish I could quit you.

Kohl (WI): I know some coffee that can help you with that balding problem.

More later

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bluewild said...

I have to say, you do look rather bored. Windbagging is a sport with these guys but I agree, it's not for everyone.

Michael said...

I think someone was taking my comment out of context. I just said that she was in great shape.

In your post, you said that you didn't understand why women needed to do exercise. But Laura is obviously doing a lot of exercise, she's pretty buff.