Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Senator Specter Said "Ambit"

As I've posted before, it's one of my favorite words.

I'm so glad to get out of here.

Dinner tonight: Ethiopian food. They tell me I'm not supposed to use my left hand.

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The Real Ahmad Chalabi said...

Oh, no, Sammy, that no-left hand thing doesn't apply to you. It's clear you wipe your a-ahm with your right hand. Or rather, that your right hand wipes and you don't believe in even watching what it's doing. Hell, it might wipe in one big swath right in the middle of that spongy bread, epileptic fit like. Beginning to end, so to speak. And you wouldn't notice. It's all spongy bread with some darky sauce, no? So what the care do you have about left hands?

bluewild said...

One hand washes the other, right? Especially in politics.