Monday, January 09, 2006

Dick Durbin's Low Blow

Dick Durbin has shamelessly taken advantage of recent events, by citing a case in which I stated that a coal-refuse-dumping site did not have to abide by safety regulations as stated in the Mining Act. He didnt' mention that what I actually found is that a coal-refuse-dumping-site is not in fact a "mine" and therefore not covered by any regulatory statute.

I look forward to being able to claim that since a textile sweatshop is not a "factory" and since suspected terrorists are not "people," we can do with them as we please.

One more guy stroking my ego (I'm sorry, I'm forgetting their names, I'm tired) and then I get to talk. Breath mint time.

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ollie said...

Oh, it looks like my Senator is going to have to be "Righted".

Remember, he was the one who thought that some of the treatment being metted out to some of our detainees was Nazi like.

Stress postions. Big deal. Does that make my yoga teacher a war criminal?