Friday, January 20, 2006

Drinking In the Daytime

I am moping about the fact that even when I am confirmed (as I am sure to be) I will not in fact be all-powerful. I would not, for example, have changed the outcome of the assisted suicide case, which was decided 6-3. Maybe my elevation is just going to make that Anthony Kennedy all the more liberal.

Speaking of Kennedy's, Ted has made clear he's going to vote against me. Big whup. Guess whose side I'm going to take in your upcoming paternity suit, Ted?

And to top it all off, my solicitations for one of the six one-day guest editing spots over at some other blog have apparently fallen on deaf ears. After all I did for that guy, too.

Bottoms up.


ollie said...

Hmm, in light Senator Kennedy's troubles (or apparent troubles) your infatuation with Senator Kyl makes more sense.

Though if I had to go that route, Jay Davidson (from The Crying Game) would be more my type.

ollie said...

Sir, I've got some distressing news:

A filibuster is still possible and is being considered!

That might trigger the nuclear option! Please tell me where I can get a good price on duct tape!

Dang; I suppose we have to fire up our "Right you're Senators" program and tell them to all for a fair "up or down" vote!

Greek Justice For All said...

Keep your chin up Judge!

Don't forget your supporters are always with you.

Even us Expats in Greece.

Mel said...

Sammy, what's happening? Don't pull a boner, you'll make it through. Hey: I said a prayer for you over at my site a while back.

bluewild said...

Love the photo of Mel!

Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

Frist has put you at risk!

Anonymous said...

Please, there won't be a filibuster. Too many democrats who will vote against Alito won't vote to sustain a filibuster, like Feinstein. Kos is a knee-jerk who lets his/her delusion and wishful thinking get ahead of his/her rational thought and common sense.

Saddam Hussein said...

Hey, if this Supreme Court thing doesn't work out, you can always come over and run my trial. The idiots running now have no idea what they're doing.
Just be sure to pack a kevlar vest.

ollie said...

Mr Hussein, I have no use for people who approve of torture, evesdrop on there (sic) citizens and label all dissenters as traitors.

Unless that person just happens to be the Best President That We Have Ever Had.

Hmmm, I wonder if our Mr. Alito could use some sort of "unitary executive power" to defend you....

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Sam, I think you should have been made chief Justice over Roberts.

After all, they should get someone with judicial sense if they are going to promote someone from outside the SCOTUS to the headman's job.