Thursday, January 26, 2006

How Did We Get Here?

As I prepare for my elevation, I am growing nostalgic.

Many have written this site and asked how it is, exactly, that Supreme Court nominations have become so political?

How is it that a process never before tainted by politics has become an opportunity for the Senate to carp and scheme over a nominees political and personal views?

Tomorrow, in what may be my farewell to blogging (at least as a "nominee"), I will write about the fateful day on which the Senate decided it could take political views of a nominee into account.

It was December 15, 1795. Many members of the senate, along with the president at the time (three guesses!) and the nominee himself were all members of the Continental Congress.

So to those of you who shout insufferable drivel such as "the founding fathers would never have approved of political criteria for confirmations" or "this was brought on by the Democrats' treatment of Robert Bork," please, please, go read a high school history textbook or something.

That's all for now.


ollie said...

Congratulations on getting wide bipartisan support! So far, THREE DINO' onboard, including 2 that are under 88 years old!

And please, oh please keep blogging; I need to be reassured that running teenagers can be shot!

Now, you wouldn't just happen to have any, uh, jobs would you? ;-)

ollie said...

Gee, this guy is a real troublemaker! Note how he is talking to folks that CAP wouldn't approve of.

Anyway, he is up to no good again. If you live in his Commonwealth, you had better "Right" this guy to give our Annointed One a fair UP OR DOWN VOTE like McDonald (of the Animal Farm) says!

ollie said...

Just a thought: do you think that we can use Diebold voting machines to record the "cloture" vote?

ollie said...

Sir, does JK ever need to be Righted! I guess that he went to Yale because he couldn't get into Princeton.