Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I've got your back, Mel

Apparently Mel Gibson is having some sort of legal trouble. He's being sued because he's running a blog.

And who's filing this spurious lawsuit? MEL GIBSON HIMSELF.

Don't worry Mel. While in general I don't like sending signals on how I'm going to rule, when this case comes before The Court, you've got a friend in Sam.


Jordan Grant said...

So Sam, does the first amendment cover satire speech? Or is there a fundamental right to prevent a person from invading another person’s likeness and personality?

ps. I hope you get confirmed

Mel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mel said...

Don't answer that question Sammy. jordan grant sounds like a judeo-secularist Democrat. All these Democrats asking you these questions just because you are Catholic and Italian! Outrageous!

Thanks for supporting me Sammy. Would you like to come to Latin Mass?

SamuelAlito said...

Dominus Vosbiscum Mel!

Next time I'm in Cali, I'll look you up and we can team up at the Latin Mass (with the Latin Kings, maybe?)

Jordan: No, the first amendmend does not cover satire. It is absolutely illegal for anyone to ever pretend to be someone else.

Note, for example, Anthony Hopkins's imprisonment after he pretended to be Nixon, and the federal officers who lock up Conan O'Brian every time he does that dumb stunt with his lips on someone else's picture.

You will also notice that the Harriet Miers blog, the Karl Rove blog, and the Scooter Libby blog (all slanderous) have stopped running, while only my blog, Mel's, and Patrick Fitzgerald's (with our own real names on them) are still publishing.

SamuelAlito said...

Jordan (if you do ever come back here)

Just because I leave a comment on your blog doesn't mean you have to delete the whole entry. I can always go back and do it again.

Email me at samuelalito@yahoo.com and maybe we can meet up when you're in DC.

I can even teach you how to spell "conference"

ollie said...

Sir, congratulations on making it out of committee.

Don't worry, not all Democrats are against you. You have your "closeted buddies" to watch your back. Note they stealthfully call for you to get an up or down vote.

SamuelAlito said...


Thank you Ollie.

It appears that the semi-villains have given up!


Perhaps it was the golf trip we gave the guy from Nebraska.

Jordan Grant said...

"Judge Alito"

Thanks for your comment on my blog. The reason why I deleted the post was to go back and look at it more closely to see where I made an error in my reasoning, and take your suggestions into account so I can post it again. Furthermore, thanks for reading my blog, and leaving your opinion on one of my posts. Also, the reason why I misspelled a word on my latest post was because I didn’t have enough time to proofread, because I was between a class and a meeting when I wrote the post. Thanks again for visiting.


SamuelAlito said...

Good going Jordan!

Glad I didn't upset you. I've had a busy two weeks, with people getting upset at nothing (you should have heard Martha-Ann), and I'm glad you're tough enough to keep at it.